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Sharing your time and talents
with the Stop I-3 Coalition

The Coalition has ongoing, short-term, and one-time needs that our volunteers ably step up and fill, enabling the organization to be even more effective in its work.  We would like to know about your interests and talents so we may contact you as the need for them arises.  Positions include monitoring news sources for transportation related articles, coordinating events, and networking with elected and government officials.  Go to to review the complete list of options and to let us know what you are interested in. 

The Stop I-3 Coalition appreciates your support, whether that has been signing a petition, responding to an action alert, writing a letter to your newspaper editor, or giving money.  You have helped make a difference in stopping this road.  Thank you for considering giving more.

Opportunity knocks: let's kill I-3 once and for all!

From the Gainesville Times, 8/11/07
Proposed I-3 isn't forgotten: Funding for study remains in place
"The $1.32 million came from earmark legislation, also known as 'pork,'" Demuth said. "It's a line item in the larger federal transportation bill. The sponsor of the legislation has the ability to rescind it. But since Rep. Norwood is no longer around, that power falls to his successor."

Broun said Monday that he is still learning his way around Congress and is not familiar with the legalities of how to "de-fund" a bill.

"I do know that I'm not in favor of building I-3," Broun said. "We need to save taxpayers' money and spend it on something that's viable, and this project is not viable."

Broun said he would like to see the money transferred to another Georgia project. Read more...

In a close vote Dr. Paul Broun, who strongly opposes I-3, has been elected and sworn-in as the U.S. Representative from District 10 in Georgia. He replaces the late Charlie Norwood. Dr. Broun has promised to sponsor legislation to rescind the study of the I-3 corridor. (Visit our 2007 news archive to learn more about Broun's position.)

We in Georgia now need to convince the Georgia senators that the study money should be rescinded. ALL of us need to renew pressure on all of our legislators to vote for a rescission and ask them to work with the Georgia delegation in rescinding the study.


1. Georgia District 10 supporters of Stop I-3 please e-mail Dr. Broun at and congratulate him on his election and on his promise to sponsor legislation to rescind I-3.

2. If you are from Georgia, e-mail or fax both Senator Chambliss and Senator Isakson. Ask them to "Please sponsor legislation in the Senate to rescind the study money for I-3, The Third Infantry Division Highway, contained in SAFETEA-LU, the transportation act of 2005, Sections 1702 (2737, 3358, 3956) and 1927. Not only is the new District 10 Representative, Dr. Paul Broun, strongly opposed to the interstate, but this road is unwanted, unneeded, fiscally irresponsible, and environmentally disastrous."

3. If you are NOT from Georgia, write your senators and congressmen informing them of Representative Broun's opposition to the study and ask for their help in rescinding the study. As always, refer them to for further information.

To fax, call, or email your Senators and Representatives go to

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Broun's correct office phone numbers are 202-225-4101 (Washington) and 706-886-1008 (Toccoa). The Augusta phone number listed for Dr. Broun on isnot in service at this time.

As we flood the e-mail boxes of our senators and representative, please remember that individual letters, even if similar, count as separate letters; copies of a pre-written letter count as one letter; therefore, we are asking for individual letters. You may cut and paste from the above with minor changes and add your own personal experience.

I have called each Georgia Senator to ask for an appointment when they are in Georgia for the summer break in August. If any of you know either senator personally, please contact me at An introduction from a personal acquaintance always helps when trying to speak to a legislator personally.

Thank you for your help. We have a real opportunity to stop this highway, and I know I can count on you.

Lucy E. Bartlett
Chair, Stop I-3 Coalition Board of Directors

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The Stop I-3 Coalition has some great Burma Shave Sign sets available for your yard or pasture fence and yard signs (16" x 24") with our name and web address to place in your yard to show your support of stopping I-3. For more information or to order your signs call Sandy Lyndon at 706.754.0046 or email her at

Below is the list of logos to choose from:

The wildlife calls
Out to the brave
This is my home
You must save

Roll the dice
Wait and see
Will they take
My home from me?

From the Mountains
To the Sea
Protect the beauty
That we see

That little store
Where I bought gas
Is now a concrete

They took my house
They took my bed
They took the
Whole darn watershed!

The wildlife needs
The water clean
Fields and meadows
And trees of green

This freeway is
A thing to stop
Proclaim it from
The mountaintop!

I used to gaze
At pretty stars.
But now the lights
Are trucks and cars!

Smoky Mountains
Will be lost.
The smoke will soon
Be truck exhaust!

So we get there
A little late
We do not need
An interstate

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What else . . .

  • Monitor the Federal Highway Administration website for the I-3/I-14 studies as they progress:

  • Find your legislators' addresses at: . Type in your zip code and all the info's there!
    Personal letters or phone calls are most effective (rather than e-mail).

  • Buy a bumper sticker/ window sticker for $1.00. Call Kathy Williams at 706-878-3349.

  • Get a group of folks together in your county to ask your Commissioners to oppose I-3.

Write your Congressmen now!

Here's an easy way to find the emails, postal addresses, and phone numbers of the federal and state legislators for your area in three easy steps:

1. First, look up your 9-digit zip code, by going to

2. Then go to, enter your zip code on the side bar, and click "go" to find the legislators for your federal and state districts. You'll get a web page listing the names of your US and State legislators. For example, if you enter 30571-2710 (for Sautee Nacoochee), you get:


U.S. Senate
Senator C. Saxby Chambliss Senior Seat - (Republican)
Senator John H. 'Johnny' Isakson Junior Seat - (Republican)

U.S. House
Representative Nathan Deal District 9 - (Republican)

United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
Court Information
Eleventh Circuit Judges

Federal District Courts in Georgia
Court Information
District Court Judges

Georgia Senate
Senator Chip Pearson District 51 - (Republican)

Georgia House of Representatives
Representative Charles Jenkins District 8 - (Democrat)

3. Now, just click on one of the representatives' names to get mailing address, email, and websites. Click on their email address and let them know how you feel about current issues related to I-3. Thanks for your participation!!

Letters should be snail mailed, faxed or emailed. Stress that that I-3 from Savannah to Knoxville through North Georgia is not needed, will cause major environmental damage, and will be very expensive to build ($25 million per mile plus land acquisition).

Be sure to address the legislators as The Honorable ________ and the second line of the address should include the committee. For all Senators, the city line is Washington, DC 20510. All House members: Washington, DC 20515.

GA Congressmen

The Honorable Johnny Isakson, 120 Russell Senate Office Building, fax # 202-224-3643
The Honorable Saxby Chambliss, 416 Russell Senate Office Building, fax # 202-224-3521
The Honorable Charlie Norwood, 2452 Rayburn House Office Building, fax # 202-225-4104
The Honorable John Barrow, 226 Cannon House Office Building, fax # 202-225-2823

NC Congressmen

The Honorable Heath Shuler, 339 Cannon Office Building , fax # 202-226-6422
The Honorable Elizabeth Dole, 555 Dirksen Senate Office Building, fax # 202-224-1100
The Honorable Richard Burr , 217 Russell Senate Office Building, fax # 202-228-2981

Key members of the House Committee on Transportation



Don Young (AK), Chair, 2111 Rayburn House Office Building, 202-225-5765

James L. Oberstar (Ranking Democrat) (MN), 2365 Rayburn House Office Building, 202-225-2365

Howard Cole (NC), 2468 Rayburn House Office Building, 202-225-3065

Tim Holden (PA), 2417 Rayburn House Office Building
202-225-5546 or 202-226-0996
zip: 20515

Robin Hayes (NC), 130 Cannon House Office Building, 202-225-3715

Lincoln Davis (TN), 410 Cannon House Office Building, 202-225-6831

Henry E. Brown, Jr. (SC), 1124 Longworth House Office Building, 202-225-8611

Ben Chandler (KY), 1504 Longworth House Office Buiding, 202-225-4704

*Lynn A. Westmoreland (GA), 1118 Longworth House Office Building, 202-225-5901


Senators' addresses:

Representatives' addresses:


SPREAD THE WORD! STOP I-3 now has a box for exchanging post mail information
and a volunteer to handle this process!

Please tell any friends who need access to our research information or other documents on paper to write to:

P.O. Box 216
Sautee-Nacoochee, GA 30571

Please mark information requests "Attention: Cora Kelly."
Thanks to Cora for handling this part of our research and public education!


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