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Buckner Gap
photo: NC DOT

Exciting news! Stop I-3 has broadened its mission.

As well as keeping up public momentum to stop I-3, we are monitoring “Corridor K”, which could destroy the beautiful Ocoee Gorge in Tennessee, as well as the recently resurrected Northern Arc in north metro Atlanta. We believe that the transportation needs of our communities can be met without destroying our environment and the unique qualities of our region.

(This photograph shows the destruction that highway construction can produce in the Southern Appalachian mountains. This is the recently completed Scenic Byway portion of I-26 at Buckner Gap north of Asheville, NC.)


Our vision, mission, and goals


The Stop I-3 Coalition's vision for Southern Appalachia and nearby Piedmont communities is one that preserves local scenic beauty and sense of place, enhances prosperity and protects environmental, historical, and cultural resources for this and future generations.


The mission of the STOP I-3 Coalition is to preserve and protect the unique heritage and environment of Southern Appalachia and nearby Piedmont communities by promoting sustainable transportation practices.

Current Goals

  1. The Stop I-3 Coalition prevents construction of Interstate 3 or any similar, destructive highway in Southern Appalachia or nearby Piedmont communities.
  2. The STOP I-3 Coalition educates the public about the unique heritage of Southern Appalachia and the special nature of its environment.
  3. The STOP I-3 Coalition seeks to effect sound transportation policies at local, state and federal level

Who we are

The STOP I-3 Coalition is a grassroots nonprofit organization composed of individuals, local civic groups, regional and national conservation groups. We welcome all individuals to join us and groups to become supporting organizations.

What we do

We are committed to researching and sharing information through our website, newsletters and action alerts. We also sponsor activities and gatherings which increase support for our Coalition and thus increase our effectiveness in advocating for sustainable transportation practices.


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