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Sharing your time and talents
with the Stop I-3 Coalition

The Coalition has ongoing, short-term, and one-time needs that our volunteers can ably step up and fill, enabling the organization to be even more effective in its work.  We would like to know about your interests and talents so we may contact you as the need for them arises.  Positions include monitoring news sources for transportation related articles, coordinating events, and networking with elected and government officials. 
The Stop I-3 Coalition appreciates your support, whether it has been joining us, signing a petition, responding to an action alert, writing a letter to your newspaper editor, or giving money.  You have helped make a difference in stopping this road.  Thank you for considering giving more.

Please fill out the form below by checking any one or more of the ways you'd like to help.

Ongoing Positions
The following are ongoing ways that you can help Stop I-3. We will provide training and support all along the way.

Welcoming new members, talking about Stop I-3 Coalition

When people join the coalition, we like to call and welcome them, giving an update on our current activities and inviting them to participate. A welcome caller can choose the number of individuals to welcome each month, all done from the comfort of your home.

Coordinating volunteers

This person will help volunteers use their skills, gain new experience, and advance the coalition's mission in the roles that suit them best. He or she will need to devote ongoing time to welcoming, supporting, and helping recruit volunteers.

Monitoring news sources for transportation articles

Do you regularly read or listen to a particular news source?  We have a section on our website devoted to I-3 and transportation related news and need help identifying those articles.    Great for those who like to read news on the web, there is a secondary way to assist with this effort.  All we ask is that you create a account or other way to tag articles and share them with others.

Researching issues and sharing your expertise

A core element of our work is staying abreast of science and new developments in a range of related regional issues. Would you like to share your knowledge about, research, or help develop strategies around the following issues? 


Corridor K

Northern Arc

Water quality

Rare habitats

Natural beauty

Economic development

Government waste
Cultural heritage


Nuclear and hazardous waste transport

Transportation Planning

State Departments of Transportation Plans, Actions

Sustainable Transportation

Short-Term and One-Time Positions
These are jobs that can be done once, as time permits, or on a regular basis. We will add your name to a group of people willing to help in these ways and invite you to help as opportunities arise. As always, we will train and support you in all your work with us.

Coordinating events

The coalition hosts events throughout the region, and we seek coordinators for each event. This is the perfect opportunity for someone to help for a limited time and make a big difference. Event coordinators lead a team of volunteers to ensure a successful event, be it a party for 15 or a presentation for 500.

Staffing the Stop I-3 table at events

The coalition tries to have a volunteer present at most special events and major festivals in the region. We arrange with several volunteers to work a shift of a few hours greeting people who drop by our table.

Entering data

We gather information about new supporters at tabling events who want to be kept abreast of Stop I-3 news.  Their information is entered into our database by very special dedicated volunteers who are discreet, detail oriented, and comfortable with computers.

Writing articles

We are in need of a corps of writers for a range of media—for weblogs, our website, and even this newsletter. If you have a blog, let us know when you talk about I-3 on your blog, so we can consider posting a link on our website. If you don't want the responsibility of a regularly updated blog, we invite you to submit articles.

Graphic design

We frequently develop flyers and other materials for our events. We'd love your help in creating an attractive design for our materials.

Writing letters to editors and elected officials

Have something to get off your chest? We need your help to ensure that removing I-3 from the books remains a top priority. Writing letters to the editors of local newspapers is an effective way to get your voice out. Reaching elected officials, from your members of Congress down to your County Commission, lets them know we're still here, waiting for them to stop spending money on stupid highways.

Networking with elected officials and government officials

The Coalition continues to work both from the grassroots (building support in numbers) and the grasstops (building support among those with connections to stakeholders).  If you have a connection with a pertinent official and can help open the door for the coalition, or if you enjoy lobbying or planning lobbying efforts, this is the place for you.

Attracting Financial Support

The Coalition seeks fund to carry out its mission from businesses, individuals, and foundations.  We talk with business owners, research relevant funding sources, and ask for support from individuals.

I have the following skills/background/talents/interests

You haven’t listed these, but I’d like to offer them in the event that the need arises down the road. 

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